Rocket League rated for Xbox One in Taiwan

rocket leagueIt looks like Psyonix’s fantastic multiplayer football-come-racing game Rocket League, is set to make its debut on Xbox One after all. However, there is still no concrete information on when that might be. A rating for the game on Xbox One popped up on the Taiwan ratings board of all places, which you can see below.

Rocket League has been in the news a great deal since it released for free with PlayStation Plus, and on PC. With regular updates and add-on content, be it free or premium, everyone has been talking about it, and Pysonix did state back in August that they would like to bring it to other platforms.

The game will soon receive its free Winter Games add-on for the holidays, allowing fans to play ice hockey with a puck instead of its traditional soccer-like format it is known for. If this hits before Christmas, it will be a great festive game to gather around and play with friends. I certainly can’t wait to try it myself, having to report on it as a frustrated observer whenever there is news on it!

Here’s an announcement trailer from exactly a year ago. Seeing how far it has come is amazing!

[Source: Twitter]

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