Rocket League now available on Xbox One, and it is amazing!

rocket leagueLast night at the stroke of midnight, a few friends and I lingered over the icon to start playing Rocket League on Xbox One. The pre-ordered banner disappeared, and we were ready to go. As simple as the game looked in trailers and live streams, we were pleasantly surprised to find it as easy as that to pick up and play! Hours then flew by!The game just runs so smoothly, and after visiting the garage to look at the few available vehicles and cosmetic add-ons, you couldn’t help but get excited by all the question marks in each section, knowing that there’s a lot to unlock in this game, and a lot to play for! We jumped into the tutorial mode to get a better grasp at things before taking our cars online.

The controls couldn’t be simpler. Accelerate and brake using the triggers, Tap or hold A to perform varying jump heights, and then tap A again in the air along with a direction on the left stick to flip in that direction. Hold down B to boost using the boost pickups on the maps, and even press it in the air to fly. Why not? It is  a Rocket after all! X is your powerslide button allowing you to quickly pull off 180 degree turns and the Y button switches focus between your car and the ball in play. Got it? Good. Now we’re ready to play Rocket League!

See the Advanced tutorial on PlayStation below. You can do this as well as the beginner tutorial.

Rocket League has a single player season mode, but we brushed that aside for the sake of playing online together. We created a party of 4, and complimented one another on our fantastic car choices. One friend went all out and bought the DeLorean from Back to the Future. It looks awesome!

Jumping online for some 4v4 madness, we managed to win four or five games on the go, and with each victory, each goal, and each cheer, we were falling in love with the game. It didn’t take long at all. It’s so simple to play, but is definitely hard to master. The amount of times we would jump for the ball, only to fly right under it or too far to the side of it. Control is everything. A bit of luck is in there as well, but knowing how to drive your car and jump/boost at the right time can be the difference between an amazing goal or a laughable miss.

rocket league gameplay

What I loved too is that after each match, we were unlocking different vehicles from one another. Even though we were on the same team, one front got a particular vehicle added to the garage, while I got another. I have yet to figure out if the cars differ in performance based off of what I have played, or if it’s just a case of cosmetic appeal.

I’m dying to get stuck back into the action this afternoon, but if you’re on the fence about picking it up, just jump in. It’s €20, $20, £14 and a steal at that price. Who ever imagined football (soccer) and rocket propelled cars could be so much fun?!!!

[Source: Psyonix]

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