Rocket League Neo Tokyo update available today

rocket league wallpaperToday, June 20th, Rocket League players will be able to enjoy the new Neo Tokyo content update. The update adds a new stadium, as well as new premium cars to avail of, new Achievements/Trophies and more. Check out the new features below.

First up, is the Neo Tokyo stadium itself, which you can see in this trailer below. The cyberpunk-inspired stadium was originally part of the “Rocket Labs” Playlist as “Underpass,” but it has now been made even better with streamlined gameplay and highly-detailed environments! It will also be added to the competitive playlists for ranked play as of today.

In addition to the new arena, Rocket League’s Neo Tokyo update also includes the following features that Psyonix have been previewing over the past month:

  • The beginning of “Season 3” for Competitive Playlists, which resets all skill ratings and rewards last season’s players with exclusive Rocket Trails that reflect their highest achieved ranks
  • An expanded Item drop system that adds…
    • More than 20 “Rare” and “Very Rare” Item types for online, post-game drops
    • An easy-to-use “Trade In” system that allows players to exchange multiple Items of one rarity type for an even rarer one.
    • New “Painted” Items that offer different colour variations on existing Garage favourites like Toppers and Wheels
    • Special “Certified” Items that track specific in-game stats and increase in prestige the higher those stats go

A new Showroom feature is also coming which allows you to view and explore the premium DLC cars. This lets you see possible customisation options, and lets you view the car in better detail before investing. Better than seeing a still picture of a DeLorean and not letting you see it in all its glory! The gif below shows the Showcase feature in action. Simple, and to the point.


As for the Achievements and Trophies, Rocket League has 8 new challenges to aim for on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. You can see them listed below. Better yet, you don’t need to buy anything to be able to unlock them!

  • Mad Scientist – Play a complete match in 3 different Rocket Labs Arenas (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25 Points)
  • Icing the Cake – In Snow Day, score a goal from your own side of the ice (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25 Points)
  • Left Wing, Right Wing – Win a Snow Day match with both the Blue and Orange Teams (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25 Points)
  • Fast Break – Score at least 2 Dunks in the first minute of a Hoops game (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25 Points)
  • Buzzer Beater – With 30 seconds left, win a game of Hoops in which you were tied or trailing (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25 Points)
  • Budding Artist – Collect a Painted Item (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25 Points)
  • One Better – Increase the level of a Certified Item (PS4 – Bronze, XB1 – 25 Points)
  • Certifiable – Earn Veteran status for your Certified Item (PS4 – Silver, XB1 – 75 Points)

And of course, there is also the post match celebrations screen, which you can learn more about here.

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