Rocket League Mutators update arrives free today

mutatorsOwners of Rocket League may have noticed the game getting updated today. That very update is adding mutators to the game and a playlist that will randomly cycle through them.

“What are mutators?” I hear you ask. Mutators mix up the classic mode of car football (basically what Rocket League is) with some crazy additions. Some of these include Moonball which is a low-G mode. If you get near the moonball you can orbit it and use it as a slingshot. Fun! Time Warp makes everything slow mo when a player hits the ball. And the cubic mutator turns the ball in to… Well…. A cube.

Coming next month is a hockey mutator which will see the grass becoming ice and the ball becoming a puck. It sounds like it could be a really fun mode. We’ll have to wait and see!

Take a look at the trailer for mutators below, and get updating!

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