Rocket League Hoops DLC now available, patch notes

rocket league basketball hoopsRocket League’s free Hoops DLC has finally began rolling out during the early hours, meaning you’ll probably have an update when you load up the game. This adds the new basketball mode, as well as the optional NBA flags for your favourite team. Where are the soccer/football flags though?

As well as the Hoops update, Rocket League also received a bit of a patch, addressing a few of the gameplay issues that bugged players. One of the changes includes the ability to choose what game mode you want to play for exhibition and private matches. This feature was previously missing.


  • The ‘Hoops’ 2v2 mode has been added as an unranked playlist, and is also available in Private Matches and Exhibition mode at any team size.
  • Exhibition and Private Match now have a “Game Mode” selector. The mode you select determines which maps you can choose – for instance, “Hoops” can only be played on the “Dunk House” map.
  • During Overtime, the in-game UI clock now counts upwards to indicate how long the overtime has lasted.
  • New “Cosmic” Arena has been added to the “Rocket Labs” playlist
  • After scoring in Free Play, there will no longer be a 3/2/1 countdown.


  • ‘Dunks’ stats has been added with this DLC.
  • When a player scores a basket/goal with any NBA flag equipped, it will increase your stat on that NBA flag.


  • Players can now trigger an automatic replay save mid-game, so they don’t have to wait until the match concludes and remember to save it then.
  • Auto-Save is triggered by holding the activation button during gameplay. When triggered, the save will be queued and a message will appear in the chatbox indicating the action. A replay tick mark is automatically added to the replay at the timestamp the player triggered the autosave.
  • Players can now manually name (and rename) replays.
  • Select “Save Replay” at the end of game and the user can now provide a custom name.
  • Users can also rename replays in the frontend.
  • Mouse/Keyboard – A pencil icon appears when mousing over a replay. Clicking the Pencil brings up the rename dialog.
  • Controller – Pressing Triangle button on the Replay menu brings up the rename dialog.

Bug fixes

  • Spectators will no longer see Camera Shake in Player View if the option is disabled
  • Fixed a rare issue that would allow the ball to exit the arena

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