Rocket League Hoops DLC dated with new trailer

rocket league basketball hoopsThe Rocket League Hoops update is finally on its way, and has now received an official launch date. While teased to release in the month of March, we had to hang on a little longer in order to shoot some three pointers.

“By popular demand, “Rocket League Hoops” mode adds a dynamic basketball twist to our soccer-meets-driving concept. In addition to the mode itself, this FREE update also comes with a brand new arena, “Dunk House,” where the net itself can be used as a ramp for the ball and Aerials and wall-play is the key to victory. As an added bonus, basketball fans eager to represent their favorite NBA team on the Rocket League hardwood can optionally purchase the “NBA Flag Pack” premium DLC — which gives players immediate access to all 30 NBA teams’ logos as in-game flags.”

It will certainly add a fresh way to enjoy the amazing sports/driving arcade title, whereas the hockey mode just changed the shape of the ball into a puck, it still required players to aim for a similar goal as where you would shoot the ball. With this basketball mode, it should change up the way you attack, defend and score, and bring new life into the exciting game.

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