Rocket League and ESPN replicate UEFA Euro 2016

rocket league uefa euro 2016Psyonix and ESPN have teamed up for a bit of fun in anticipation of this week’s UEFA Euro 2016 football/soccer championship. 24 pro Rocket League teams will be assigned an international side, and will play out their own version of the football tournament to see who will be crowned the champion of Europe!

Pysonix is an American developer, but with their hit soccer/car title, it’s clear that they’re fans of the sport and wanted to do something fun for the fans, and this sounds like a lot of fun. You can watch a highlight reel of the group stages in the video below.

Here’s how it works:

  • 24 Rocket League teams were assigned a European country to represent in the EURO Sim (based on UEFA seedings and Power Rankings)
  • They were divided into 6 groups comprised of 4 teams each
  • Each team played each of the other teams in the same group once, according to a league system. Teams were awarded points for meeting the following criteria:
    • 3pt for a series win
    • 1pt for a series defeat in game 3 (2-1)
    • 0pt for a series defeat in game 2 (2-0
  • The Top-16 teams at the end of Groups advanced to the Knockout Rounds!

The UEFA Euro 2016 starts this Friday, June 10th and runs until July 10th.

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