Rocket League Batmobile and latest patch rolling out

rocket league batmobileToday, you will be able to download the latest patch for Rocket League which also adds the ability for fans to download the Batmobile from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The patch will go live at a certain time, but Psyonix warn of error notifications and when you should see the car pack for sale.

“We are set to start the process of rolling out the patch around 4pm PST/12am UTC. Players on all platforms and all regions should see the patch available for download sometime within the hour. Players may see a version mismatch error message which is an indication that the patch is ready to be downloaded. If you see this message close the application and download the patch.”

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack will become available to purchase at different times depending on your platform and region. See details below.

  • Steam/PC – Players should be able to download the DLC in the Steam store immediately at 12am UTC.
  • PlayStation 4 – Players will be able to purchase the DLC at 12am local time. For players in Europe/Australia that should be immediately.
  • Xbox One – Players will be able to purchase the DLC at 12am local time. For players in Europe/Australia that should be immediately.

When available, the Batman vs Superman DLC should cost you $1.99 or your region equivalent.

rocket league batman v superman

Rocket League is also receiving a patch on both the PC and PlayStation 4 version, and a separate patch for the Xbox One version, which is new to the Rocket League family.

On PC and PS4, Psyonix added  a new automated camera option in Spectator Mode (BETA). which should enhance the experience for spectators watching the action unfold.

On the Xbox One, which would have needed a bit more and got a lot more due to it being new, contains a decent amount of fixes.


  • Added “Community Flags”
    • Destructoid
    • Gamespot
    • Gfinity
    • Gold Glove
    • IGN
    • Major Nelson
    • 9GAG
    • Operation Sports



  • Streamlined the user experience when switching profiles
  • Added the ability to press the View Button at the “Press Any Button” screen to access the account picker



  • Improved overall game stability and fixed multiple crash instances
  • Fixed rare instance where users lose all of their earned unlocks and have to earn them again
  • Fixed an issue with extended play times causing low-resolution textures to display
  • Updated the “Traveler” Achievement to include all Xbox One Arenas as intended
  • Fixed “SARPBC Forever” Achievement unlock requirements to match its description
  • Fixed a graphical issue that caused the Loading screen to flicker


  • Fixed issues related to party members exceeding maximum party size
  • Fixed an issue where split-screen players could not rejoin an online match
  • Fixed an issue where local parties could be disbanded when accessing the account picker
  • Fixed issue when a local player could not rejoin a RL party after being removed
  • Fixed issue where a split-screen player rejoining a party could disband the party
  • Fixed an issue where you could enter an infinite joining state when accepting a RL party invite
  • Fixed an issue where split-screen players appeared with identical names online


  • Fixed issue with user names not updating on the party bar
  • Fixed an issue where logging out of a profile would not update on another console’s RL party
  • Updated player activity descriptions in the XB1 friends list

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