Rock Band DLC is in your head, in your head, zombie

the cranberries rock bandThis week’s Rock Band 4 DLC brings an old Irish band who are best known for one of their songs, Zombie, a protest song in regards to the IRA. The game doesn’t get any more political, but the pack contains a few other songs of theirs.

Available in the pack are Dreams, Ode to My Family and Zombie, and you can pick up each song for $1.99 or the whole Cranberries Pack 01 for $5.49. It’s not the first time that The Cranberries have appeared in Rock Band either. They previously had another hit called Linger, which should be available in the store to add to your library if you haven’t already.

Check out the music video for Zombie below, to refresh your memory.

[Source: Rockbandaide]

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