Rock Band 4’s pre-order incentives sound familiar

rock band 4Following the E3 showcase of Rock Band 4 by Harmonix, a listing of pre-order incentives have been revealed by EB Games in Canada, which are also exclusive to GAME in the UK, detailing 30 bonus DLC songs for those willing to put money down for the game in advance.

Unfortunately, those of us who are Rock Band groupies will recognise more than a fair share of these songs, seeing as they have been part of the series from the day it launched, and added to via the Rock Band Network when that initiative went live. For those new to Rock Band, or fans who hadn’t invested much money into the series on last gen, the pre-order bonus is indeed fantastic. Many of the songs listed became personal favourites of mine, whether it’s ‘Outside’ by Tribe, ‘Push Push (Lady Lightning) by Bang Camaro or ‘Day Late Dollar Short’ by The Acro-brats, and newcomers are bound to love them as much, if not more than I already do.

rock band 4 gameplayFor us Rock Band faithful though, the pre-order incentives don’t do much for us, unless we look to Amazon, who offer a few a pack of four brand new songs to download when the game launches in October. These include Alabama Shakes “Don’t Wanna Fight”, Breaking Benjamin “Failure”, Death from Above 1979 “Trainwreck 1979″ and The Pretty Reckless “Follow Me Down”.

The 30 strong song list can be seen below. With the game offering about 60 songs on disc at launch, an extra 30 on top of that isn’t much to complain about, but as I state above, the long-time Rock Band fans will have a majority of these already, along with any imported tracks from previous discs. In saying that, if you migrated from one console family to another for this generation, maybe this DLC pack will help you recover the songs you lost during transition.

  • Anarchy Club – Blood Doll
  • Anarchy Club – Get Clean
  • Bang Camaro – Pleasure (Pleasure)
  • Bang Camaro – Push Push (Lady Lightning)
  • Bang Camaro II – Night Lies
  • Blanks. – Lodger
  • Breaking Wheel – Shoulder to the Plow
  • Count Zero – Shake
  • Death of the Cool – Can’t Let Go
  • DnA’s Evolution – The Heist
  • Father Octopus – Blink
  • Freezepop – Brainpower
  • Freezepop – Get Ready 2 Rokk
  • Freezepop – Less Talk More Rokk
  • Freezepop – Super-Sprøde
  • Giant Target – Signs
  • Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – Entangled
  • Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – I Get By
  • Megasus – Megasus
  • Speck – Conventional Lover
  • Symbion Project – Synthesized (Inside Your Mind Mix)
  • That Handsome Devil – Rob the Prez-O-Dent
  • The Acro-brats – Day Late Dollar Short
  • The Main Drag – A Jagged Gorgeous Winter
  • The Main Drag – Don’t Let Me Down (Slowly)
  • The Main Drag – What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?
  • Tijuana Sweetheart – No Mercy
  • Tijuana Sweetheart – Seven
  • Tijuana Sweetheart – Trash Candy
  • Tribe – Outside

[Source: RockbandAide]

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