Rock Band 4 instrument compatibility list

rock band 4Rock Band 4 is making a comeback this year, and like with Guitar Hero Live, it will be the first of its series on the new generation of consoles. So what does this mean for your last gen drums, guitars and mics? Below, Harmonix have concocted a graph which lets you know what works, and what doesn’t. Note that the list isn’t final.

Whether it’s the legacy Rock Band drums or The Beatles: Rock Band Rickenbacker, Harmonix will have you covered, and for the record, all USB microphones will work, if you don’t fancy buying the new one.

rock band graph

This week, Harmonix announced that a bundle available in stores will come with a Legacy adaptor for Xbox One, as the Xbox 360 wireless peripherals won’t work with the new console. This ramps up the price of the physical Xbox One version of Rock Band, whereas the PlayStation 4 version has no issues with syncing PS3 instruments to the PS4.

rock band 4 legacy adaptorThe adaptor allows for four controllers to connect, but you most likely have a wired instrument in your collection, which can connect to the Xbox One without any concerns whatsoever. To that end, Guitar Hero Live will not have a standalone game title, as the older instruments will not work with the new gameplay mechanics, meaning you have no choice but to buy the single or double guitar bundle alongside your copy of the game.

Lastly, if you didn’t catch the news¬†previously, Harmonix revealed 10 new tracks for Rock Band 4, including Soundgarden, Arctic Monkeys and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.


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