Rock Band 4 DLC for May 17th, AC/DC track pack update

rock band 4Rock Band 4 fans across both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been in for a rough time in terms of transferring their massive song catalogue over from last gen to current gen. While it took some time for Rock Band 3’s songs to transfer over, fans are still awaiting other track packs to make the transition. Harmonix have an update on the Xbox One front, with packs such as AC/DC and more.

“Below is a tentative list of the affected entitlements. This list is based off of community reports, so if there are any additional entitlements that are now available to you, please let us know by commenting below!”

  • AC/DC Track Pack
  • RB2 20 Bonus Tracks
  • GameStop RB3 Pre-Order Tracks
  • The Doors Pack 01
  • RoadRunner Pack 01
  • Snoop Dogg Pack 01
  • Country Track Pack 01
  • Get the Funk Out Pack 01

Below is the most recent update we have access to, straight from the Harmonix forums.

All export info is as of May 13th, 2016.

Available on both systems
-Rock Band 1
-Rock Band 2 (Livin’ On A Prayer error – PS4)
-Rock Band 3
-Rock Band Blitz
-Lego Rock Band (Kung Fu Fighting error – Xbox One)

Available on Xbox One
-Green Day Rock Band (still has Viva La Gloria error)
-AC/DC (currently has issues where some can’t download/Harmonix is working on a fix)

Coming sometime in 2016 *Updated 5-13-16*
-Rock Band 1 (PS4 SCEE)
-Rock Band 2 (PS4 SCEE)
-Lego Rock Band (PS4 SCEE)
-AC/DC (PS4)
-Green Day (PS4)
-Track Packs (Track Pack 2, Country Track Pack 2, Metal Track Pack)

In other news, this week’s Rock Band 4 DLC has now gone live, featuring ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something and ‘Take me to Church’ by Hozier.

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