Rock Band 4 developers caught giving 5 star reviews on Amazon

rock band 4Something a little different while you’re on your daily commute. Several members of Harmonix’s staff, the people behind the much-loved title Rock Band 4, have been caught giving their own game impeccable, five-star product reviews on Amazon. It’s easy to see why, but the word buzzword ethics has been brought up in relation to the story, and we here at 4-One Gaming are curious to see what our community have to say on the matter.Before we go on, it’s worth paying mention to the fact that none of the accused employees made any effort to hide their true identities and posted the reviews using their full names. So it could be that they just didn’t see the harm in what they were doing, regardless Harmonix sent the following statement to Kotaku in relation to the incident:

“Harmonix has clarified its internal policy about posting reviews of our own products on retail sites, and we’ve asked thatRock Band 4 existing reviews be edited to identify Harmonix employees or be removed entirely. While we believe the reviews posted by a few employees were sincere and without ill intentions, as a studio we don’t believe these are appropriate actions. We appreciate the feedback from the community, and take our relationship with our fans seriously.”

It’s likely that Harmonix aren’t the only ones who do this kind of thing as nowadays there are multiple sites that play host to the feature that allows customers to write their own reviews, they’re probably just smart enough to hide it behind a fake account of some kind. And let’s face it, it’s considerable better practice than paying for trusted figures of the industry to write positive reviews… Right?

However you view the whole situation, we’d like to welcome you to come and discuss the story via the comment section on the Facebook page.

[Source: Kotaku]

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