Rock Band 4 December update and weekly DLC

opeth rock band 4New Rock Band 4 DLC has arrived today, along with the much talked about December update, which brings new modes, costumes and gameplay additions.

Let’s start with the DLC, shall we? While fans may have moaned about the relaxed tunes that have become available since the game’s launch, it’s about time that Metal has reared its horned, grunting head. Three new Metal songs join the store today, including Between the Buried and Me, Opeth and Symphony X.

“Between the Buried and Me mark their Rock Band return with “The Coma Machine,” the 7+ minute long track from the band’s 2015 chart-topping concept album, Coma Ecliptic. Opeth’s epic “Heir Apparent” comes from the Swedish metal masters’ 2008 album, Watershed, and clocks in at almost 9 minutes long. Rounding out the pack is 2015’s “Nevermore” from the Dante’s Inferno-inspired album, Underworld, by Symphony X”. Each song can be purchased for $1.99.

Now for the updates! Harmonix have added a new gameplay mode to Rock Band 4 called Brutal Mode. This mode is suited towards Expert players in its own area off the Main Menu. It will put even the most hardcore players’ skills to the test. Available in solo or multiplayer, Brutal Mode modifies the note track to react to how well you are playing. The better you play, the harder it gets. Players who master this mode are rewarded with a new Star threshold beyond Gold: the Crimson Star!

rock band 3

As well as the ability to now import ROCK BAND 3 into Rock Band 4, the following features will now be available once you update your game:

  • Score challenge features – This is a whole suite of features that is designed to leverage the competitive heart of the game:
    • In-game notifications of leaderboard events: Find out at the moment you pass a friend’s score with an all-new in-song indicator.
    • Activity feed: This is a main menu log of your leaderboard events and that also allows you to quickly jump to a track to regain your dominance.
    • Taunt system from the results screen: Let your friends know you beat their score by sending them a selectable randomized Taunt message. This taunt will appear in his or her Activity Feed.
  • Improved Calibration – thanks to your feedback, we’ve implemented some significant improvements. PLEASE NOTE that these changes require you to recalibrate.
  • Variable Breakneck Speed – One of the most requested features from the hardcore competitive community, Variable Breakneck Speed will allow players to individually set the Breakneck Speed of their tracks for the first time in a Rock Band title – up to 2.5X this time!
  • Full Combo Recognition & Indicator – The “Full Combo” (a perfect streak, no notes missed or additional strums/hits from start to finish) is one of the competitive player’s greatest achievements. Rock Band games haven’t kept track of this impressive feat in the past, and that all changes with this update. The game will now celebrate and track your FC success, and a subtle new in-song indicator will allow you to know if you’re still on track for an FC or if you’ve broken your streak. We also now indicate FC runs on the leaderboards.
  • More Song Results details – leaderboard info, plus detailed gameplay statistics will now be shown on the song results screen.
  • Player Stats – Want to know where you stack against your friends online? Access this new Player Stats screen from anywhere in the game to get a detailed overview of your complete Rock Band gameplay statistics, including cumulative scores, stars, and more.
  • New Items in the Rock Shop – we’ve got a handful of new assets in the Rock Shop, including one that celebrates a recent (and very awesome) game launch from a studio that we love.
  • Auto-kick mode – One of the most requested Accessibility features, this toggle will allow you to play drum parts by hitting the drum pads only while we automatically hit kick drum notes. This will be available as a toggle in the Options menu.

Last but not least, you can now access Fallout 4’s Vault 111 jumpsuits for your characters while they play!

rock band 4 fallout

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