Rock Band 4 adds more songs to its lineup

rock band 4Rock Band 4 shall be with us in the not too far future, and Harmonix have today revealed another dozen songs for the returning music title. Well, 11 songs, not 12, but who’s counting, right? Ozzy Osbourne, Van Morrison, Foo Fighters, Aerosmith, Judas Priest and others join the new setlist.

It has been a while since Harmonix revealed any new songs, following the initial six that were revealed by IGN back in May, but here are another selection, bringing the total revealed count up to 24. The soundtrack promises 50-60 songs at launch, so there are quite a few more to come for the title which will be revealed in due time. Check out the new additions below.

  • Aerosmith – “Toys in the Attic”
  • The Cure – “Friday I’m In Love”
  • Dream Theater – “Metropolis –  Part 1 “The Miracle And The Sleeper””
  • Foo Fighters – “The Feast and the Famine”
  • Judas Priest – “Halls Of Valhalla”
  • Live – “All Over You”
  • The Outfield – “Your Love”
  • Ozzy Osbourne – “Miracle Man”
  • Paramore – “Still Into You”
  • St. Vincent – “Birth In Reverse”
  • Van Morrison – “Brown Eyed Girl”

Rock Band 4 will come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 6th. Pre-order now to avail of 30 classic tracks which aren’t new to veteran players, but if you made the console switch this generation, it might be worth your while to build up your library again.

[Source: Harmonix]

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