Robot Wars – On a whole new level

transformers robot fightAn American robotics company called ‘Megabots’ have apparently challenged a Japanese robot manufacturer to a dual, and the Japanese company, by the name of ‘Suidobashi Heavy Industry’ has accepted the challenge! The fight will take place around this time next year. Stand by for Titanfall!

Megabots challenged the Japanese company with the following Youtube video, which is all very pro-American, and features a nice looking robot, to be honest! Sure, it may look slow and cumbersome, but it looks like it could hold its own.

Suidobashi Heavy Industry posted their own video in response, where they accepted the challenge. Mocking the American company, calling them ‘Super American’ for the fact that they just built something big and stuck guns on it. Their plan is to make it more attack oriented by making it a melee fighting machine, tearing the other robot to shreds and crunching it into a heap.

Now, for the concerning part. This sounds awesome, but due to the reality of the situation, it will be covered in health and safety regulations, there won’t be any deaths of course. There may be injuries, but I imagine there won’t be missing limbs or Mortal Kombat-like torturous displays.

Where will the fight take place? In front of who? Will it be televised? Will it be over in a matter of seconds? This isn’t a real life Transformers fight, and there are no jetpacks and particle shields or anything from our favourite sci-fi movies, books or games. What I do hope for though, is that this will be the start of something beautiful, something annual, something to look forward to. Imagine just how competitive it would become each year!!!

If it’s not just a quick flash in the pan, this could become a form of ‘sport’ that fans gather around to watch and talk about, with other countries finding themselves fascinated by the new piece of entertainment, and by the challenge. Then, we may find it becoming more global, with championships and teams with their own colours, designs and sponsors. I’m starting to dream. I’m starting to want this to be a thing, but frankly, I don’t see it happening. Battle Royale is a fun movie, a great idea, but horribly unrealistic and at the end of the day, a bit too fatal for some people, especially those involved.

Would you watch two giant robots battling it out in close combat, while carrying mounted gatling guns and flamethrowers? Of course you would!

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[Source: MegabotsSuidobashi]

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