Road Rash successor Road Redemption has a release date!

road redemptionRoad Redemption, a game I’ve been eyeing up for many years at this point, finally has a release date! A game developed by ex-Road Rash developers and fans, Road Redemption is its spiritual successor and it’s finally leaving early access!

Road Redemption will arrive on PC, Mac and Linux on October 15th, while Xbox One and PS4 versions will follow on January 15 2017. The game initially had a release date of August 2014 but the developers wanted to make sure it launched in a great state, as opposed to a buggy mess.

“We’ve seen Kickstarted games like Armikrog and Mighty No. 9 release before they were ready,” developer Ian Fisch said, “and I don’t think that satisfies anyone”.

“What happened with Mighty No. 9 shows that a potentially great game can be dragged down by trying to bring it to too many platforms,” said  Fisch. “By putting the focus on PC, Mac, Linux, XboxOne, and PS4, we can maximise Road Redemption’s physics, AI, and visuals,rather than be hamstrung by trying to support lower spec machines.”

While planned for release on previous gen consoles, these have now been postponed indefinitely. So if you’re still gaming on the 360 or PS3 and have high hopes for this release, forget about it. Time to move forward! A Wii U release is still up in the air, but I imagine this will switch to the Nintendo NX for 2017. Just a hunch, or an assumption!

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