Revisit Rapture in this Bioshock The Collection trailer

BioShock the Collection e3 raptureThe original Bioshock is one of those memorable gaming experiences that will stay with you for eternity. “Would you kindly” will forever remain in the memories of those who visited Rapture in 2007 or later. The remastered Bioshock: The Collection will allow new players to witness its greatness, and let returning fans relive the experience once again.

Andrew Ryan’s voice and opening dialogue will be one of those memories shared and enjoyed all over again. I’ve used the word ‘memories’ quite a lot so far, but that’s Bioshock for you. So many great experiences, and the use of weapons and plasmids (in the first two games at least) required cunning and strategy. Then there’s the Big Daddies.

Check out this trailer below which shows off the updated visuals of the city of Rapture, while listening to Andrew Ryan.

Remastered for current-gen, BioShock The Collection includes all three BioShock games, complete with all single-player DLC and a never-before-seen video series with commentary from Ken Levine.

You can look forward to visiting or revisiting Rapture and Columbia on September 13th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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