Retro Corner – Wargames Defcon 1

wargames defcon 1This week’s Retro Corner takes a look at Wargames Defcon 1. It released on the PC and PlayStation back in 1998, and although the same game, they both played a bit differently on each platform. Developed by Interactive Studios, the game was published by EA and MGM Interactive. The game is based loosely around the movie, set 20 years later.

Wargames Defcon 1 is one of those games that I would have rented out repeatedly to play with my brother. It was a strategic vehicle shooter, which offered a fun competitive splitscreen option. The game gives you access to two sides to play as, one being NORAD and the other being WOPR (I say it like ‘whopper‘).

On the PC version, Wargames was played as a Real Time Strategy, but on the PlayStation version which I’m familiar with, it was a third person vehicle shooter. You could switch between different types of vehicles, whether jeeps, tanks or aerial vehicles like helicopters while playing as NORAD, while WOPR let you play as more sophisticated, futuristic vehicles like hover tanks and mechs.

On the PlayStation version, you could also play through the campaign missions in co-op, which brought hours of fun to the shooter. Together, you would team up to take down enemy vehicles and structures, and tactically power through the missions.

wargamesEach vehicle would have a certain amount of ammo, and this could be restocked by picking up power-ups littered around the map. These pickups were hard fought over on multiplayer, and could be the difference between victory or loss. Trying to win a clutch match with only a jeep was immense fun, and a barrel of laughs.

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