Respawn Respond To Those Tweets

Titanfall 2Earlier today everybody here at 4-One, and pretty much everybody in the gaming community collectively face palmed at the idiocy shown by a number of disgruntled Titanfall “fans” when they were treated to an image of a “sexy” PlayStation 4 disc. Respawn have responded. Drew McCoy, producer of Titanfall, tweeted out the following photo, much to the anger of many Xbox owners.

You can check out many of the reactions to his innocent tweet RIGHT HERE.

A few hours ago Jon Shiring, lead engineer on Titanfall 2, finally responded to the ridiculous tweets being reported by every gaming news outlet today.

The official Respawn page joined Jon in educating the outraged “fans” when also tweeted:

It’s not surprising that most people had no idea what a green disc was. I didn’t know what it was until today. It’s basically the disc signed by Microsoft before a game is sent to printing and manufacturing. I reckon Drew will be much more careful in the future when he’s Tweeting so he can be sure to not trigger the Sensitive Sally’s of the gaming community. Personally I don’t think anybody actually cancelled their pre-orders directly because of Drew’s tweet. I believe they had no interest in the game anyway and had already cancelled prior to this.

Did you face palm as hard as we did?

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