Resident Evil 7 Review Roundup

resident evil 7 biohazardResident Evil 7 releases today and it sees Capcom returning to the roots of what made the game such a frightful experience in the first place. Taking the tense experience and making it a slower-paced first person experience (VR optional) was a good course of action, and it looks like it has paid off, as reviews are very positive so far.

While considered a reboot of the series, despite having a 7 in the title, it would prove to be a bit off-putting to newcomers so it’s up to fans and Capcom themselves to inform those new to the franchise that it can be picked up and played without prior knowledge of the series. Sure, there may be a few easter eggs in there, and I’m saying that without any prior knowledge; just assumption, but they would be meaningless to newcomers but a welcomed treat to fans.

The Guardian – 10
Destructoid – 10
EGM – 9.5
Shacknews – 9
Polygon – 9
GamesRadar – 9
PlayStation Universe – 8.5
Game Informer – 8.5
Push Square – 8

Interestingly enough, Time gave it a 5, saying “Casual players aren’t touching something with a “7” in the title (nor is it clear will newcomers). Fans of action-angled survival horror like Dead Space or Dying Light may balk at the game’s deliberately poky controls and too easily grasped opponents. Old-school fans seem like the obvious target. But survival horror is a crowded space in 2017, and too much of what Resident Evil 7 is up to we’ve seen elsewhere — and done better.”

Follow your heart, or follow your darkest fears. It sounds like money well spent and an experience that you won’t soon forget!

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