Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

resident evil hd-remastered-logoIt’s crazy to think that a series like Resident Evil is now 20 years old. We’ve had six main titles, and the odd off-shoot release to coincide, but six main titles in 20 years ain’t bad, is it? Not like other games that are released uncontrollably. Well, you can play them all again, as Capcom continue to dig into their back catalogue.

Starting on 29th March, you will be able to buy Resident Evil 6, the most recent release in the series with the comically naughty box art. The game will set you back $19.99/€19.99/£15.99 and will include all previously released DLC and add-ons, much like a budget-priced Game of the Year edition. Following the release of Resident Evil 6, Resi 4 and 5 will also be released, similarly priced and should include all previously released content too, making them fantastic deals.

We have already seen the re-release of the original 1996 Resident Evil HD and it’s glorious! Due to its success, Capcom have green lit the HD remastering of Resident Evil 2, and what’s even better is that it will be a remake, not just a remaster. That is my favourite of the lot and I might just jump back into the series for that one.

resident evil 6 xbox one[Source: Xbox Achievements]

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