Resident Evil 2 will be a remake, not a remaster

resident evil 2Earlier this year, Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil 2 would receive the same treatment as Resident Evil HD received. This all depended on fan reaction, and desire for the project to be put into works. Of course, everyone was on board with the idea, and the project has begun. In a recent Capcom investors call, it was stated that Resident Evil 2 would be a ‘Remaster’, although this was incorrect.

Capcom UK’s senior marketing director Stuart Turner took to Twitter to calm the nerves of those who may have been confused or upset by this news, stating that Resident Evil 2 “will be a full from the ground up remake NOT a remaster.”

With this news, as well as the Resident Evil Origins Collection announced, containing updated versions of the old games, fans of the franchise should be in their element. Resident Evil 2 was my favourite game of the series, probably because it was the only one I could complete, in record time too! I will happily give this one another shot in the future.

[Source: Twitter]

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