Further reports suggest Microsoft are working on new Xbox One devices

MicrosoftIt’s been a big story over the last few weeks and we’re not expecting it to go away any time soon, the Xbox One.5 and the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation ‘Neo’ to some of you. Rumors are coming in thick and fast and with all stories relating to speculation we are encouraging our fans to take everything with a pinch of salt. However yet more rumors have emerged that Microsoft at least are working on new hardware.

Naturally Phil Spencer and his team are doing their best to throw us off the scent, but it seems that there’s at least a handful of people close to the project that want you to know more. Last night, sources indicated that they had received reports that Microsoft are “testing a variety of prototype Xbox devices” from sources within Microsoft. Leading people to believe, once again, that Xbox has a new version of the Xbox One console in the works. These reports follow earlier reports that Microsoft had filed several new devices with the FCC.

The latest report added that at least some of the prototype devices were being “tested with upgraded components that would normally be used to upgrade the performance of a PC gaming rig.” Which falls in line with earlier rumors that Microsoft were working on a new version of the Xbox One that could be upgraded to keep up with competition, a feature which would likely be highly desirable in the incredibly competitive console market.Microsoft

It’s all very exciting news and with rumors now emerging regarding the Nintendo NX, only then to be quashed we’d just like to add, it’s becoming relatively obvious that both Microsoft and Sony are going to want to act to maintain their shares in the market. Frankly the Internet can speculate until it’s blue in the face, we aren’t going to know anything until any of the manufacturers want us to.

[Source: The Verge]

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