Report: Konami Technology Director Leaving Company

Julien MerceronAccording to a report from French website Gameblog and later confirmed by IGN, Julien Merceron, who was Technology Director and oversaw the development of the Fox Engine, will soon be leaving the company.

It is unclear why he left, but at this point we could pick one of many reasons that we have heard about since the smoke started emitting early this year.

Merceron would have been at the company for a grand total of… 2 years… after leaving Square Enix (where he worked for 7 years) when he heard the calling of Mr. Kojima-san. Since then he has been working as the companies worldwide technology director, and oversaw development of the highly impressive Fox Engine used for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Pro Evolution Soccer.

When working for Square, Merceron was jumping about the place working with IO Interactive, Eidos and Crystal Dynamics before becoming the global technology director at Square Enix.

While his time at Konami may have been short, it isn’t anything new to see people jump straight out after a project is completed, and is actually a fairly regular occurrence in the gaming industry. That said, I expect to see many others following in his footsteps now that MGSV is out and we start to get a better idea what has been going on over the course of the year (if not years).

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