Report: Kojima Starting His Own Studio

hideo kojimaUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know the reported situation between Konami and Kojima at this stage, but the whole truth still remains shrouded in secrecy, lies and bullshit.

However, according to a report from Japanese website/newspaper Nikkei, Hideo is free from the bonds that tie him down at Konami and will be starting his own studio, possibly under the Sony banner.

Kojima’s contract was to end around this time, so if this report is true that means his contract is up and he’s free to do as he wishes. With that it would be no surprise he would start a new studio, being one of the biggest names in the industry, and seemed like the logical step since March when everything started to spin out of control.

With the backing of Sony, who the report suggests he’s in talks with, and the millions of fans he has garnered over the years, with big thanks to the Metal Gear series, no doubt Kojima has many years of success still to come.

A translation by NeoGAF user Zefah states that Kojima will be starting the new development studio with other former Kojima Production employees.

Whether or not his leaving Konami will mean clarification on what happened and the future of the company remains to be seen, and probably won’t happen as Konami  likely made him sign an NDA or something similar.

Hopefully, he will be free to discuss what happened at Konami, because I’d like my hatred to be validated. Regardless, you have my love Kojima!

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