How To Report Cheaters In The Division

Tom Clancy's: The DivisionAs an extension of this morning’s post about Ubisofts’ announcement on how they’ll be dealing with cheaters in the future on The Division, we’ll be showing you how to go about reporting hackers and glitch exploiters on all platforms.

Sick of seeing talentless players relying on exploits to give themselves a one-up on legit players?
Sick of seeing this?

So are we. Now we’re going to show you how you should go about reporting these players on The Division for the good of the community. Let’s take our game back 😉

If you ever encounter a player exploiting glitches or hacking, be sure to immediately take screenshots and video clips. You will need proof for your case to be examined by Ubisoft Massive.

PC players can easily find their screenshots and video clips within their folders. PlayStation players will need to export their proof from their console.
Xbox players can obtain their proof from // Simply visit the site, key in your Gamertag, and download your captures to your PC or phone.
You absolutely MUST have evidence or nothing will done.

Visit the Report A Cheater section on the Ubisoft website by visiting the following links:
Note: You will need to login with your Uplay Account details.
Report A Cheater On PC
Report A Cheater On PS4
Report A Cheater On Xbox One

Fill in the details of the cheater, including a description of how they’re cheating.
Then upload your proof on the bottom of the page. If you have any issues with the uploads, upload your videos to YouTube and your images to TinyPic and share the URL’s in the text box.

Congratulations, Agent. You’ve just taken a step forward in taking back our game.

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