Repackaged backwards compatible games are consumer friendly

backwards compatible xbox fallout 3It’s now a year since the Xbox One began offering backwards compatible play for more than 250 Xbox 360 games, and while us avid gamers on the internet have kept up with all of the updates and know where to look for detailed info, the retail-going consumer might not always be aware of the feature. Bethesda have taken the first step in making this easier for the game store shoppers.

The games were discovered and posted on Reddit by divangreedy8 and show some repackaged Bethesda titles; namely Fallout 3 and Doom 3 BFG Edition. Fallout 3 includes all of the available DLC too, so it’s a bit of a steal being part of the Xbox Classics range.

backwards compatible doom 3

The box art will help shoppers know that whether they are looking to play it on the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One, it will be playable on both, making it future proof. There are still a lot of gamers yet to make the transition from last gen to current gen and this will probably sway a few potential buyers.

However, this is only Bethesda so far, but it could pave the way for more first party releases if Microsoft want to encourage a few more sales of existing titles. Why not bundle up a bunch of indie/arcade games with similar packaging? EA could easily do a similar thing with their wealth of backwards compatible titles as well, such as Plants vs Zombies, SSX, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space, Mass Effect and so on.

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