Refer a Friend to Destiny, get exclusive rewards

destiny refer a friendBungie have released a new trailer to help promote their latest initiative for Destiny, the ‘Refer a Friend’ program. By encouraging a friend to pick up a copy of Destiny and get involved with you, you can both earn some exclusive goodies, and have a good old time together, traveling across the galaxy.

Refer a friend to join in on the Destiny action with you, and you will both be rewarded with an exclusive shader for your armour, an exclusive sword, an exclusive Sparrow speeder bike, and exclusive emotes. The emotes are ‘Duo Dance’ and ‘High Five’.

To begin your Refer a Friend registration, head over to, and be aware that you must own a copy of The Taken King alongside the base game to get started. Generate a code for your friend, and away you go. They have 7 days to respond and sign up.

So, what you’re getting, according to the end of the trailer is:

• Elemental Infinite Edge sword
• EV-34 Vector Infinite sparrow
• Duo Dance emote
• High Five emote
• Infinite Link shader
• Sign of the Infinite emblem

[Source: Youtube, Bungie]

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