Red Dead Redemption unofficially active on Xbox Backwards Compatibility

red dead redemption tops backwards compatible list on Xbox OneXbox One fans are reporting that Red Dead Redemption, one of Rockstar Games’ crowning jewels in gaming, is available to install on Xbox One with backwards compatibility. It is only possible with digital versions for the moment, and not without a work around.

Trying to put a disc in, the Xbox One says it’s not available, but find someone who already has it on their console, then visit the game’s hub and an option to install it will appear. Again, only if you own a digital Xbox 360 copy.

red dead install

Two names mentioned by other gaming outlets are “F4hey” and “rockohoward”, who have the game on their list. Add them as a friend, look at their games, and start installing. It’s possible that Microsoft will remove the game if a lot of you start playing it over the Xbox Live network but it’s a clear sign that it’s coming soon to the backwards compatibility feature. Red Dead Redemption is one of the highest requested games on the poll for backwards compatible titles, and honestly, I’d love to start it all over again in wait for a  sequel.

It’s likely that there are some gamers out there who didn’t play Red Dead, and who love the GTA series. I always looked at Red Dead as “GTA Zero”, replacing the cars with horses. I wasn’t too far off the mark, was I? Watch this amazing trailer, one that I feel is one of my favourite game trailers of all time to this day. And guys, no spoilers, right?

[Source: Gamezone]

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