Red Dead Redemption titles hinted at online

red dead redemptionSome hardcore Rockstar Games fans have been scouring the studio’s website this week, not just its pages, but its source code; trying to find hints as to what Rockstar may be lining up to reveal. According to a few posts on Reddit, it seems that not one, but two Red Dead Redemption announcements are on their way next week at E3.

The fans who shared their findings on Reddit state that some pages on the site do in fact exist, but when they attempted to enter them, they received a 404 error screen, meaning that there is something there, but not yet.

Reported by Gamerant, they state that “Reddit user Gaudynights recently pointed out that the current site layout seems to suggest that a pair of Red Dead titles are en route. Making reference to two 404ed game pages, the fan goes on to acknowledge how the other entries in the franchise are labelled, noting that the only two games that are out of place on the site are Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption. As it turns out, the fact that the pages exist simply means that Rockstar likely plans on updating them in time – while the numbers on both pages hint at the franchise they fall under. ”

“Games 11 and 112. Remember that RDR is game 1 and RDR:UN is game 111. So there are two game pages linked that follow the number format to mean they are associated with RDR. When you try to visit those pages they 404, like the error says, but the fact that the error exists means there is code on the games list set up to direct to them when they do exist. My guesses would be maybe the new RDR game and a remaster of RDR?”

With rumours mounting of a sequel or even a prequel to Red Dead Redemption, but not until about 2018, Rockstar must have something up their sleeve to please fans. A remastered Red Dead Redemption seems likely, or even a mobile version of it, similar to GTA San Andreas? Bear in mind that Red Dead Redemption never actually released on the PC so this could finally be the time to do so, along with re-releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

What if Red Dead Online was reworked to be more like GTA Online, with microtransactions etc? Who knows? Well, Rockstar do, and we’ll have to wait until mid June to find out for sure!

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