Red Dead Redemption Remastered Rumour

red dead redemptionRed Dead Redemption, one of Rockstar Games’ finest gaming achievements looks set to receive the remaster treatment, according to an Asian gaming outlet. Yes, stick on your tinfoil hats or grab the salt dispenser if needs be.

A South Korean website going by the name of Game Focus posted a story saying that Red Dead Redemption will be getting a remastered re-release on consoles and on PC, the latter of which has never received a port of the western adventure.

The report states that we’ll be seeing the game in action on September¬†7th, which coincidentally ties in with the date of Sony’s PlayStation briefing in New York, where it’s rumoured we’ll see the PlayStation Neo and the announce…official announcement of the PlayStation 4 Slim.

The report adds that Asian localisation is already underway for the game on Xbox One and PS4 platforms and is expected to release during the first half of 2017.

red dead redemption tops backwards compatible list on Xbox One rockstar

Again, salt dispensers at the ready, but we should know for a fact this Wednesday when the PlayStation show gets under way. With Red Dead Redemption going backwards compatible on Xbox One during the summer, the game saw a massive rise in pre-owned sales and digital downloads. There’s clearly demand for it and perhaps it will sell like hot cakes yet again.

Giddy up!

[Source: Xbox Achievements]

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