Red Dead Redemption 2 map leaked, or is it a fake?

red dead redemption take two 2kA user on NeoGaf claims to have acquired an in-development image of the map for the yet to be announced Red Dead Redemption 2. As far as we know, there is no sequel to Red Dead Redemption that Rockstar have spoken about, but fans seem to believe it’s on the way. Secondly, is this map a fan-made fake, or it is legit?

The user uploaded the image on the 13th of April stating “So I have just come across this picture off screen from a source I shall not mention that might be the map for the new Red Dead game.” In the image, you can see the Great Plains/Tall Trees in the bottom left, which was the top right corner of the original game’s map. Then on the right side of the map, you can see New Bordeaux, which is the city where Mafia 3 is to be set.

red dead redemption 2 map leakAnother user managed to take this supposed ‘leaked’ map and combine it with the existing map from Red Dead Redemption, and it does look pretty cool. Although if the map was made by a fan, it’s easy to imagine that they too used the original map and just extended it out to create this new map. Who knows what Rockstar have up their sleeves, but we do know that Take-Two Interactive have a big E3 planned for June, and our best bet is to wait until then for official confirmation. I’m still putting money down on a GTA V story DLC expansion before we see another Red Dead reveal, considering the size of the GTA community and install base, and how fans have spent over half a billion dollars on GTA Online microtransactions. Leaving GTA V behind, Rockstar are just leaving money on the table.

red dead redemption 2 maps

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