Red Dead pulled from PlayStation E3 show at the last minute?

red dead redemptionA rumour circulating the internet last night suggests that Sony and Rockstar Games were intending to reveal the follow up, or prequel to Red Dead Redemption as the finale to the show, but was replaced last minute with Days Gone footage instead. Apparently it linked to the recent tragic Orlando shootings.

Take-Two stated months ago that they would be ‘at E3 in a big way‘, although all we saw from the publisher was Mafia III. Not a bad thing, but not the ‘big way’ kind of appearance they had hyped up prior to the biggest annual week in gaming.

During the PlayStation media briefing, we were shown a new zombie action shooter called Days Gone, but at the end of the show, we were shown the game in action. Later on, it was pointed out by some journalists that what was shown behind closed doors later on was in fact the same gameplay footage for Days Gone, which some say is an E3 first; letting the public see footage ahead of ‘behind closed doors’ demos and interviews with the developers.

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According to Zarmena Khan of PlayStation Lifestyle, “we’ve been informed by our staff on ground that the Days Gone demo shown to public was the same exact demo shown to press behind closed doors, which is unusual. Press usually gets to see an extended demo or something entirely different.”

Various sources point to the Orlando shooting in the Pulse nightclub last week as the reason for the pull out by Rockstar and Take-Two. One report also suggested that the Red Dead reveal would have seen someone walk into a bar and shoot everyone in there, which would obviously have been in especially poor taste. Definitely a likely situation in the Red Dead universe if that was the case.

I was holding out for more GTA V content to be honest, thinking it was too soon for Rockstar to reveal Red Dead. And it goes without saying that they couldn’t announce Red Dead Redemption as being backwards compatible during the PlayStation conference, so we must continue to wait for that. It doesn’t look like a remaster is on the way either, does it?

[Source: Daily Star]

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