Rare Replay for Wii U, asks Nintendo fans

Rare Replay chartWith the announcement of Minecraft for Wii U, apparently fans on the platform are taking this new release as a sign of potentially more Xbox games coming to the Nintendo system. Weirdly enough, the fact that Minecraft is on PlayStation as well hasn’t justified the release of Forza or Gears of War on the Sony platforms either.

However, Microsoft Studios on Twitter, responding to user suggestions haven’t exactly done much to turn fans away. Instead of saying ‘No’ to requests for Rare Replay, they are asking fans to contact Rare instead with their request. Rare Replay is a fitting suggestion, considering a majority of Rare titles were born on Nintendo platforms before Microsoft bought them in 2002. It would certainly help get the fantastic collection into more hands, and again, would be a suitable title for the Wii U or even the 3DS if possible.

Even if the Rare Replay was adapted for Wii U, Microsoft and Rare could easily just remove a couple of Xbox exclusive titles from the bundle, and give Nintendo owners a more streamlined, cut down version for a similar price. What would you say to that? Will there be a surprise announcement to come before or after Christmas? Gaming is all about having fun, and if the fun can be spread over multiple platforms, then all the better.

[Source: Twitter]

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