Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 details announced

Ubisoft tom clancy's rainbow six siegeRainbow Six Siege released in December 2015, and apart from a few updates and issues with a lack of regularly released content, it has become a competitive title for groups of friends who plan strategies, game-date regularly and yearn for more tactical action. It’s an underdog of sorts, and it’s continuing to mature.

First up, there will be another four pairs of Operators joining the game throughout the coming year, hailing from Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea. With each release, there will also be a new map. Unfortunate as it hasn’t changed the format since last year, with four new maps in 12 months being a little on the slim side. Sure, the maps have a lot of destructibility, but so do the Battlefield maps, and they have immense scale. Ubisoft could really build on the map count this year with a bit more effort.

rainbow six siege year 2 r oadmap

A second season pass is also available and if you already own the first year’s season pass, you get extra ‘Renown’, the in-game currency used to buy Operators and weapon skins etc. A Rainbow Six Siege Complete Edition will also be available to purchase for those who have yet to hop in on the tactical action, offering the base game, all of Year 1’s additional Operators, as well as the Season Pass for Year 2.

rainbow six siege complete edition

Recently, Rob posted an opinion piece on what he thought Rainbow Six Siege needed for Year 2. New modes, gameplay adjustments and more. You can read his piece here, and let us know what you think of the Year 2 content, and Rob’s thoughts.

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