Rainbow Six Siege will launch with 10 maps

rainbow six siegeUbisoft Montreal have confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege will launch with 10 maps out of the box. The game is solely multiplayer, and we imagine that fans might feel disappointed by this news, unless the maps are enjoyable during repeat play.

Of course, fans can expect post-launch DLC updates, with Ubisoft’s Level designer Benoit Deschamps telling PC Gamer that the team had 50 ideas for maps, but narrowed the selection down to ten for release. The development team is already working on more content to be added post-launch, and we can presume here that these won’t be free. Maybe one or two freebies would be nice, but we’ll remain pessimistic.

rainbow six siegeA recent shooter that released, focusing solely on multiplayer was Titanfall for the Xbox and PC. This game featured 15 maps, and was slandered for its lack of a single player campaign mode. Will Rainbow Six Siege suffer the same negativity, and will it be as fun in its own way? We love Rainbow Six Vegas and its sequel, and on the Xbox One, those games will come included with Siege, offering two single player and co-op campaigns to play through, but fans will be buying this for the new experience, and 10 maps may seem a bit short upfront. Time will tell.

Rainbow Six Siege will have a beta on September 24th with the full game releasing on December 1st on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[Source: VG247]

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