Rainbow Six Siege Operation Red Crow info

operation red crowRainbow Six Siege is getting its next content update this month, known as Operation Red Crow. As usual, this means we will have two more Operators to choose from; one Defender and one Attacker, as well as a brand new map. We know that the map is called Skyscraper, and we can take a look at a preview of it below.

There’s no official description of the new Operators just yet, other than their names, their origin and a pair of screenshots. We have a pair of Japanese male and female specialists called Echo and Hibana.

siege-echo operation red crow siege-hibana operation red crow

As well as new Operators and a new map with Operation Red Crow, Ubisoft are going to be “introducing caliber-based destruction for all weapons. Up until the launch of Season 4, every bullet has created the same size hole. The impact zone and fragility sphere are now weapon-specific, which means stronger calibers will create bigger bullet holes and generate larger impulses. This will create an even more realistic experience with the destructibility of the environment.”

That’s a really good update right there, with the added effects making it more realistic, and adding a new dynamic to the gameplay.

“There is something we also want to address,” says the blog post on the Rainbow Six Siege website. “We know that accurate hit registration is a priority in the community, and we want to assure you that it is a priority on the Dev team. When we are addressing hit registration, we are really looking at a number of things: latency, kill cam replication, and the actual server-side registration of hits. Here is what we’re working on regarding fixes in these areas coming in Season 4.”

While I don’t play Siege as much as I used to, thanks to the millions of new games that have come out in recent months, one issue that definitely affected my and my friends’ enjoyment of the game was hit detection. Not to mention people coincidentally shooting you right in the face through walls despite not even seeing you, but that’s a story for another day.

iceycat25 on Youtube gives us a preview of the Skyscraper map coming with Operation Red Crow, which you can see below. Ubisoft will have a full reveal of the new content on their Rainbow Six Siege Twitch channel on full reveal on November 12th-13th.

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