Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dust Line DLC detailed

rainbow six siege operation dust lineUbisoft have announced what DLC is coming to Rainbow Six Siege next, which will be the game’s second DLC drop since its December release. Two new Operators join the ranks in Operation Dust Line, and here are all the details you need.

Operation Dust Line features two new operators from a counterterrorism unit. For this update, it will be Valkyrie (defense) and Blackbeard (attacker) from the US Navy SEALs. Valkyrie will have access to deployable sticky cameras while Blackbeard will come equipped with a rifle and shield. Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass holders will get access to the new Operators the week of May 9.

rainbow six siege operation dust lineUbisoft have yet to reveal what the new map will be, or what new gameplay modes will be included, but you can tune into the PC Rainbow Six Pro League Finals on May 7th to learn more about Valkyrie, Blackbeard, and the rest of the content coming in Dust Line.

While I am excited for this Operation Dust Line update, I just feel that the map drops are not enough for a game that survives solely online. While the Situations are there to teach you the basics with each Operator, players find themselves playing online competitively or in Terrorist Hunts cooperatively with friends on the dozen maps that are featured. Ubisoft need to up the amount of maps in this game quickly, before it dries out. It’s great, but it’s just not enough.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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