Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dust Line details

rainbow six siege operation dust lineRainbow Six Siege will receive its second content update this week, allowing Season Pass players to check out the two new Operators a week before everyone else. There is also one new map coming, which is unfortunate for such a small game; a complaint I continue to argue about towards Ubisoft.

Operation Dust Line adds two Navy SEALs called Valkyrie and Blackbeard. One makes use of deployable cameras, while the other will wield a a shield-mounted rifle. You can see the new map in action here, which has a nice Middle Eastern setting, unlike any of the previous maps.

Patch 3.0 is also coming along but details haven’t been finalised. A few details have been revealed thus far though, which PC Gamer listed.

“While patch notes for 3.0 are still forthcoming, there were some interesting changes revealed during the Twitch stream. Frost will no longer wield nitro cells, Thermite will no longer have frag grenades, and Buck will have frags instead of flash bangs. In terms of buffs, Tachanka can place his machine gun quicker and in more locations, while Montagne’s shield offers better frontal protection. Finally, IQ can see the outlines of nearby electronics rather than just their  location.

More general updates include the ability to interrupt placing animations, meaning if you decide you don’t want to place a breach charge or mount a barricade halfway through doing so, you can stop it. You can also customize loadouts between rounds too, and the red dot on sights has been made smaller.”

I’m very fond of Rainbow Six Siege when playing with friends, but Ubisoft really need to up the content releases, and pronto. One map every 3-4 months just isn’t enough to keep fans active on it.

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