Rainbow Six Siege Operation Black Ice operators now available

rainbow six siege operation black iceRainbow Six Siege has been with us for a few months now and over that time it has seen steady improvements making it a thoroughly enjoyable game to play. Last week, season pass holders gained access to the first major DLC with other players able to access the content from today. The Black Ice DLC gives us two new operators and a new map along with a sizable patch. Here we take a look at what’s included and how the new additions impact on what is already a great tactical FPS title.
We’ll start with the new  Operation Black Ice operators “Buck” and “Frost” who represent Canadian JTF2. Buck is an attacking operator who is equipped with either a C8_SFW or a CAMRS rifle, both of which can utilise Buck’s gadget which is an under barrel shotgun that allows you to switch from your medium/long range weapon to something more suitable to close quarters. In my opinion it’s not too great compared to other shotguns in the game but is useful for creating new lines of sight or breaching barricades . I’m a bit underwhelmed by Buck if I’m honest but who knows , as I spend more time with him perhaps I’ll learn to appreciate him more.

Frost has immediately become one of my favourite defensive operators in the game. She comes equipped with a 9mm_C1 or the Super 90 shotgun which I think is easily the best shotgun in the game with high power and suprising range. Frost’s gadget comes in the form of a “Welcome mat” which is a mechanical bear trap, but for humans. If an attacker should wander over one of these mats then they they’re instantly put into the “downed state” and immobilised meaning that the attacking team will be very exposed if they try to revive them. Dark corridors and entry points like windows are the perfect position for these mats and if you place a combination of a deployable shield and mat in a doorway you essentially block off that access point for attackers. The welcome mats are mechanical and thus they aren’t visible to IQ’s electronic detection and are unaffected by Thatchers EMP grenades. They can however be taken out easily by shooting them or by using explosives. The operators come free with the season pass or for 25,000 renown if you don’t have that.

The new map “Yacht” is set in “Baffing Bay” in the arctic and is simply put, big. Its layout is a maze of corridors, stairways and access points set over 4 floors. I’m still learning my way around after a week of playing on it . I like the look of it with the walls and floor freezing over although this does make it tricky to spot the cameras. I love smaller maps like ‘House’ but ‘Yacht’ has become one of my favourites as it offers you multiple attacking and defensive options. I think it’s going to take a while for people to “figure” this map out but I’m confident it’ll become a fan favourite.  Best of all, It’s free for all players to access.

The Black Ice update also came with a whole host of other updates and bug fixes such as the spectator mode now also being available on the console versions (custom games only). One of the more welcome additions is the addition of the map and mode name being displayed in the top left during loading and planning phase screens. I can’t tell you how often I missed it due to not paying attention. The full list of updates and bug fixes can be found at //rainbow6.ubi.com/siege/en-GB/updates/blackice.aspx

Unfortunately a few new bugs seem to have crept in with this update like Kapkan’s laser trip wire being invisible or characters/weapon textures not showing. I’m confident that fixes will be rolled out promptly and whilst these bugs are irritating they don’t detract from what is a very nice update.

So how are you finding Rainbow Six Siege? Do you like the new Operation Black Ice map and operators? As always let us know in the comments.

[Words by Rob Pearce]

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