Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Black Ice now available

rainbow six siege operation black iceOperatives, please be advised that two new special forces Operators have become available for use in Rainbow Six Siege. Canadian Joint Task Force 2 members Frost and Buck are on hand to help bend the fight in your team’s favour, along with a new map to attack and defend.

Rainbow Six Siege is proving to be a competitive title with more and more fans jumping in and finding themselves losing sleep, with late nights of team work, strategy and new formed friendships made on the battlefield. With each character offering up differing skills and abilities to turn the tide, there’s so much to explore in the game, and it’s another brilliant Tom Clancy title.

The new operators offer even more ways to add strategy to the title. With Buck, he’s all about the assault, and his Skeleton Key ability is an effective breaching tool to destroy barricades or create a line of sight. An underbarrel shotgun to compliment his assault rifle? Yes please!

Frost is the sneakier of the two, equipped with a floor mounted, rubber and metallic spring loaded leg-hold trap. A bear trap, basically. The ‘Welcome Mat’ incapacitates her opposition, with them needing a revival in order to continue their assault. Set the trap, and use the bait to lure in another victim.

Both new characters are available as of Tuesday, February 2nd for season pass holders. The rest of the player base will have to wait 7 days before they can choose them. The map, set on a yacht surrounded by icebergs is available for all to enjoy, or suffer on.

Rainbow Six Siege also received a patch update, addressing a few issues that players had found, as well as adding a spectator camera for all platforms, to watch the action unfold.

Updates include:

  • The enemy team will no longer be hearing your team’s automatic character shouts. This will allow for stealthier approaches while maintaining non-verbal communication within the respective teams.
  • Reduced the visibility of bullet trails for all weapons, with an additional reduction for suppressed weapons for a stealthier approach.
  • Increase to the flashbang range of effect.
  • Reduced noise levels of multiple Defender gadgets.
  • Reinforced walls and Castle barricades now block bullets while being deployed.
  • Removed Bandit’s unique gadget’s (CED-1) electricity damage on the hostage.

A few other fixes to playlists and ranked matches have been made, which you can read here.

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