Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice operators leaked

rainbow-six-siegeRainbow Six Siege has seen a lot of good attention as of late, with fans enjoying the more co-operative element of objective-based first person shooter found in the game. The servers need some work, but when it’s running fine, it’s a joy to play. New DLC is on the way called Operation Black Ice, and somebody has leaked its contents.

Operation Black Ice is coming on February 2nd and includes a new map and 2 new operators. Each update will add two new operators that will total 8 on top of the base game. The first pack will include two Canadian special forces characters called ‘Buck’ and ‘Frost’.

rainbow six buck black ice

“The operators are Frost, a female defence operator whose special ability is a trap to incapacitate enemies. The other is Buck, an attack operator with an ability called Skeleton Key, which adds an under-barrel shotgun attachment to his main weapon.

Speaking of weapons, each of them comes with two new ones. These are the C8-SFW assault rifle, the Super 90 shotgun, the 9mm C1 sub-machine gun, and the CAMRS marksman rifle,” says VG247.

rainbow six frost black iceAs for details on the weapons and special abilities, you can find them here if you want to learn more.

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