Racing Apex still releasing on Wii U, Switch planned

racing apexRacing Apex, an indie racing title by Lucky Mountain Games looks set to do a few laps on the Nintendo Switch in the future. Fans worried that developed ceased for the Wii U release, but the studio confirmed that a Wii U release is still planned. Good news for racing fans on Nintendo platforms?

“Racing Apex is a fast and fun arcade style racing game that takes inspiration from some of the first 3D polygon arcade racing games from 1988 to 1992 and adds modern gameplay elements of car combat and multiplayer mayhem.”

Asked on Twitter, the Racing Apex Twitter account mentioned that the game is aiming is for a Nintendo Switch release, although we don’t know when that may be. Looking very much like Virtua Racing from the old Sega Megadrive days, with a brush of bright colours and some environmental effects, not to mention some car combat via weapon pickups, it could be a hell of a lot of fun!

With over 30 cars, 16 different circuits, online and offline game modes and leaderboards, it could be packed with enough content to keep racers busy for some time. Will you be adding this to your shopping list?

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