Quantum Break’s Gamescom footage and tv trailer

quantum breakQuantum Break got its long overdue update on its development today at Gamescom, having missed out on the briefing at E3 in June. In a few words, Quantum Break looks phenomenal. A third person action game with time and the ability to stop it, being the focal point of your adventure.

One of the first things we noticed is the level of detail, as well as the physics of nearby objects being affected by the ripples in time. The slow motion killcam, something we recall very well from the likes of the Fallout series also makes an appearance, and looks awesome. The combat looks fun, with the added challenge of having to maneuver around multiple guards or opposition, stopping time to get behind them, before popping off a few shots and moving again. Things could get hectic!

After the gameplay showcase, we were introduced to Shawn Ashmore, a Hollywood actor who you may remember as Iceman from X-Men 2. He will be playing the role of Jack Joyce in the upcoming tv show of Quantum Break, exclusive to Xbox. The series will kick off on April 5th, 2016, and play out alongside the game.

[Source: Youtube]

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