Quantum Break to release on Steam

Quantum Break chartXbox One and Windows 10 exclusive Quantum Break looks set to release on Steam, with a release date now penned for the story-driven adventure. Remedy Entertainment’s third person action adventure is a gorgeous looking game that toys with the idea of stopping time, and it’s great that others will be able to play it.

The Steam version of Quantum Break isn’t tied to Windows 10 in any way, and even supports both Windows 7 and 8, as well as DirectX 11. A physical version of the game will be published by Nordic Games and includes a Blu-ray documentary, CD soundtrack, a guide and a few of posters.

You can see the listing here on Steam, with a release date of September 14th. The Quantum Break experience is part game, part live action show—where decisions in one dramatically affect the other. The live action show is of very good quality, and finding collectibles in the game’s levels unlocks extra content for the show.

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