PuniTy, the fan-made PT

PuniTy PTA programmer by the name of Farhan Qureshi wanted to teach a class in a 3D modeling workshop starting in September of this year. To get the basics, he recreated the hall from the Silent Hills/PT teaser on PlayStation 4, which as we all know, has since been removed. Then he got deeper and deeper into the project, and has practically recreated the whole game, in Unity. Here, we take a look at PuniTy.

The workshop would focus on teaching the fundamentals of modelling, texturing, animation, and materials, and applying these skills by creating a 3D scene. The idea was to replicate an apartment scene, and Farhan felt that the hallway in PT would be a perfect starting point. Scouring the internet for pictures of the now unavailable game, he got all the references he needed, and began his project.

PuniTy PTThe original post is full of amazing details of his journey, showing how he animated the insects on the walls, implemented simple yet necessary phone cords, and then there’s Lisa. Rather than starting the human model from scratch, he downloaded a simple mesh design, and textured her, giving her the walking animations that PT players would be oh so familiar with, and began sending chills down his own spine, I imagine…

If 3D modeling is something you’re studying, or at least interested in, I recommend you check out the full blog post here, and while you’re at it, why not download a copy of it to explore for yourself?

Download link for PC, Mac and Linux

“104 hours over 4 weeks. 5 hours of sleep on half those days. 8-hour obsession-infused modelling sessions,” Farhan said in his summary. That is dedication to a worthy cause!

[Source; The Outline]

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