PT successor Allison Road has been canceled

allison roadThe spiritual successor to PT and Silent Hills, Allison Road appears to have been canceled. Announced as a Kickstarter in the wake of PT’s removal from the PlayStation Store and cancellation of Silent Hills, Allison Road was developed to bring those scares and tense moments to life after the Konami/Kojima fiasco.

According to the official Twitter account of Allison Road, a cancellation ‘had’ to be canceled. An upcoming statement will be made possibly next week, but details as to why it was canceled have not been shared.

In October 2015, the Kickstarter for Allison Road was canceled, in favour of going down the route of acquiring a publisher. Worms developer and publisher Team 17 stood up and signed a deal with Lilith Ltd, who are based in London. It’s an unfortunate situation for those excited for the game, who are amongst the fan base initially left disappointed following the Silent Hills and PT disaster.

We will update this story as soon as we learn more about the reasons for the cancellation.

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