Psyonix Suprised by Rocket League Success

Rocket LeagueDevelopers of all sizes have been hitting it big in recent years, and Psyonix is a new one to join these ranks thanks to the success of Rocket League.

However, speaking to Gamasutra, Psyonix founder Dave Hagewood said that they were not expecting it to be as big a success as it became, and have struggled to keep it running as smoothly due to the high number of players.

Psyonix had a lot of problems getting publishers onto the idea of rocket powered cars playing soccer, saying that “they looked at us like we were crazy!”

“It was so difficult to communicate the pitch to publishers and platform holders back then. We’d tell them ‘Well, it’s a game about rockets and cars that can fly and jump and…they play soccer.’ And they looked at us like we were crazy!”

“It’s like we’ve been taking notes for seven years on this game. We didn’t want to change the core of what that original Battle-Cars game was; we just wanted to do that game again, the right way.”

Despite the company having a lot of experience working with larger companies, the huge player count as well as the cross platform play made it difficult for them to keep servers working, constantly having to work on connectivity issues.

“It’s been crazy. It was very strange having such success, and then having such a big problem to fix at the same time. We were kind of scrambling to get things working. Demand was just so much higher than we expected it to be! We really needed to build a better system to handle that level of load. Funny thing is, we build bigger systems for bigger companies all the time; we just didn’t expect to need something like that for this particular game.”

Read the full interview over on Gamasutra.

Rocket League is available on PC and PlayStation 4 with cross-platform play. While it is not on Xbox One, Psyonix are considering the possibility in the future.

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