PSN name change might not even be possible

change psn nameEarlier in the week, Sony sent out a survey to various people, asking them what they would most like to see in future PlayStation updates. One of the most requested, and suggested features was the name changing on PSN. Now, Shuhei Yoshida says it might not even be possible.

In a live tweeting session, where fans could ask questions, one fan asked about the subject of name changing, and Yoshida replied with a video response. He said that the engineers are going to try their best to do what they can and see if it’s possible, but as of right now, it’s not.

As a nifty workaround, what Sony could do is just allow for display names to be changed, so adding that functionality instead of trying to rework an existing format could make life easier. Although, how often would people be allowed change their names, and at what cost?

With the Xbox platform, players are free to change their names whenever they wish, but a $10 charge is in place to do so. This also benefits all of your friends, who don’t have to guess who that person on their friends list is, who keeps changing their identity.

[Source: Twitter]

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